For over 15 years Beverly Helton, MBA, has helped Fortune 500 companies, start ups and mid-sized organizations formulate strategy, clarify objectives and focus on accountability measures to maximize team and individual performance.


Communicate and Succeed

What Aren’t Your Employees Telling You?

Is Teamwork Worth It?

Are You Investing in Feedback to Grow Your Business?

How to Ensure Engagement, Especially from Your Top Talent


What People Are Saying

  • Beverly’s consulting provided the key strategy that drives successful collaboration and communication. She excelled with strategy and tactics to make us more productive.

    - Sales Manager, French Culinary Institute
  • I’m a Regional Director for a medium sized insurance company with 18 direct reporting sales people. Through executive coaching from Beverly, I have been able to increase our team’s performance by nearly 30% in just 3 months. She really understands how to make things happen.

    - AVP. – Family Security Plan Insurance
  • We were experiencing rapid growth. Beverly helped us attract and retain new talent and have our Sr. Managers refocus on a new set of core competencies.  With her coaching, Beverly aligned managers’ vision and goals with those of the company. Senior managers improved their ability to delegate and hold difficult conversations with their teams. Bottom line, we were able to effectively performance during this challenging period.

    - Sr. V.P. – conEdison
  • As a result of working with Beverly, we transformed our relationships as a team and aligned our vision for the organization.

    - V.P. – Bayer Healthcare
  • I had neglected to address performance issues, causing my team to have lackluster performance. After receiving coaching from Beverly, I was able to meet expectations within my department by developing a communication strategy that was not only effective, but motivational to the members of my team.

    - V.P. – Cline Davis Mann