Strategy & Implementation

Following an assessment process, we help organizational leaders develop plans that align people and processes for optimum performance. Our approach helps re-energize leaders whose positions have strategic implications for their organizations. We later support the process by mentoring and coaching employees, as needed.

Helton Consulting Group helps leaders improve results, from strategy formation through implementation, delegation, decision-making and self-discipline. Whether embarking on a diversity initiative, identifying underlying beliefs and behaviors, or focusing on communication issues, we help leaders embrace change by introducing them to new thinking strategies.

For more than 15 years, we have helped leaders in Fortune 500 as well as mid-size companies to define their direction, select and train the right people, and execute communication strategies that result in strong return on investment. Whether companies need to increase profits, save time, enhance morale, or improve product or service quality, we shape processes to support those goals.

Leadership effectiveness is influenced by the ability to communicate the organizational vision and purpose.  We help leaders formulate effective goal-centric strategies that resonate inside the organization, align thinking across the organization, and on-board people at all levels.

We work with leaders to strengthen relationships across the organization in authentic ways that build trust and promote accountability. Helton Consulting Group helps leaders build trust and relationships, strengthen focus on organizational values, and shift beliefs for greater success. As beliefs shift, so do cultures.

To achieve success we must continually maintain and upgrade a pool of leaders throughout the organization.  Creating a profile of the talent needed and then developing recruitment and hiring practices are essential elements to a successful strategy.


Case in Point

A Fortune 500 investment bank was experiencing a lack of representation of women at the Managing Director level. This resulted in a lack of engagement by women.

We identified the underlying beliefs that were preventing women from advancing. We developed a strategy to align their personal goals with the corporate mission. Leadership programs were implemented to assist women to communicate effectively, build team engagement and develop their executive presence.

The organization developed a process to ensure that two women a year were on the fast track to become Managing Directors. This strategy produced a new level of commitment and accountability within this segment of employees. Because of innovative results generated from this project the investment bank has won a special award for the best retention initiative for women.