Building High Performance Teams

High performing teams create breakthrough performance in organizations. We work to build world-class teams that drive organizational values, navigate safely through conflicts, communicate effectively through times of change, and foster high morale at all levels of the organization.


Teams can only become real teams when they have a common purpose, agreed upon performance goals, mutual accountability and the willingness to deal with conflict. This requires trust and interdependence with a focus on performance. High performing teams foster individual accountability in the context of team goals. There is risk in giving up control to the greater good of the team. This makes it essential to communicate the purpose behind agreed upon performance goals over individual work.

How do we get similar stellar results for you? We align team performance with organizational vision and goals. We focus on communication skills that help you to move through challenges and conflicts. We identify key places in the organization where team performance will have the greatest impact, ensure real team performance ensues, and use early successes as models to expand and empower others.

What Our Clients Say —

“Beverly provided the strategy we needed to implement change. This is the first time I’ve had such a clear perspective of what’s needed of me to be successful leading a team.” – VP Commerzbank

Case in Point

Managers at a major insurance company were hired because of their high potential and skills within their functional areas, but not for their management and leadership skills. This created organizational conflict and reduced effectiveness. Challenges included working with employees dispersed nationwide, people accustomed to working independently, and working with managers that lacked experience with conflict resolution.

A leadership program was successfully implemented for the entire executive team. One critical assignment was to have teams identify and implement innovative ways to increase revenues, decrease expenses, while maintaining alignment with corporate goals.

Productivity skyrocketed after working with key players to implement a vision, set expectations, identify performance standards, and create ground rules for each team. Results included a common vision, which built solid relationships, alignment of expectations and standardization of teams across the United States. This resulted in a multi-million dollar windfall for their bottom line.