Vital Communications

When conflicts arise in an organization, it often happens because problems have been left unsolved for too long.  Time doesn’t make problems go away; it makes them worse; Over time, people begin to align their beliefs around faulty thinking and that inevitably creates additional unnecessary challenges.  Managing and leading today is about communicating effectively and influencing a wide mix of people, who all hold differing views about leadership. We can help.

Our proprietary Vital Conversations program, guides participants to go beyond the goal of being understood. The program also helps participants learn what is needed to create change in the thought patterns that influence communication. Before people will change their behavior they need to think differently.  Our Vital Conversations program has:

With approximately four million Americans changing jobs each month, companies must ensure they offer work situations that retain their most valuable employees. Managing Vital Conversations will have a direct link to employee retention and engagement.  Let Vital Conversations elevate your performance.

By working with key executives and cascading the message throughout the organization, we identify the personal behaviors that must change to create effective conversations. We demonstrate the benefits of initiating a Vital Conversation and provide the necessary tools to be successful in communication and reinforce new behavior patterns.

Case in Point

A division of a prominent financial services company that is responsible for 40% of the organizations business was experiencing lackluster performance. This was primarily due to conflict and avoidance of issues by the senior management team.

After identifying the key stressors in the relationships, formulating a strategy to close the gap between goals and current results, and coaching to improve performance and accountability, change occurred.

Vital Conversations began to take place among senior managers. Common values and mutual respect emerged, and sales increased in one year by over 30%. Much of the sales increase was a direct result of effective coaching that repaired damaged relationships and regained influence.