Using standardized assessment tools as well as feedback and data collected during executive interviews, we discover critical information that helps us understand the organizational culture as well as the thinking and business strategies that drive leaders and their organizations. We also use assessments to help leaders understand their strengths and allow us to evaluate the skills and needs of individuals across the organization.  Assessments include:

But, assessments alone do not drive organizational change, or individual changes. At Helton Consulting Group, we bring the requisite knowledge to properly interpret data, organizational events and interpersonal dynamics. That insight enables us to work with executives to develop people and process strategies that map to organizational needs and goals.


Case in Point

A utility company was experiencing rapid growth resulting in the need for additional new talent. A change of culture was required that focused on emotional intelligence rather than more traditional command and control management. The new workforce required leadership that was inclusive, supportive and listened to ideas presented by the workforce.

Following an assessment, key executives were asked to select a new competency model on which to work and evaluate performance. The change required a shift in perspective from old patterns.

Working with the interdependency of relationships we focused on strengthening critical alliances, managing difficult conversations, and changing self-limiting beliefs.

The results included increased innovative thinking, better communication and conflict resolution, and a more engaged workforce that were empowered to make better decisions at every level of management.